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Top Ten Largest Armies In The World 2023

The military is one of a nation’s most valuable resources. In addition to enforcing local and international laws and defending the public, the military works for the government. Every citizen is required to serve in the military for a minimum of a particular number of years in several countries. If you are wondering about the top ten largest armies in the world 2023 then you have come to the right place.

When assessing a country’s military might, it is important to consider a number of important elements. Equipment (vehicles, weapons, communications devices, etc.) must be capable and readily available. It is crucial that each soldier receive high-quality training. It can be crucial for their commanders to continually develop winning tactical plans. Nonetheless, one of the most important indicators of a nation’s military power is the number of soldiers it can mobilize. The top ten largest armies in the world 2023 include:

10. Egypt


  • Budget: $4.4 billion approx.
  • Active Personnel: 440,000
  • Tanks: 4664 approx.
  • Military Aircraft: 1069 approx.
  • Submarines: 8 (as of 2021)
  • Military Helicopters: 325 approx.

With 440,000 active personnel, the Egyptian Armed Forces have the tenth-largest army among the top ten largest armies in the world 2023. The Arab Republic of Egypt’s defense is the responsibility of the state-run Egyptian Military Forces. The Egyptian Army, Egyptian Navy, Egyptian Air Force, and Egyptian Air Defense Force are among these. The Egyptian army enjoys a vast arsenal of weapons and a healthy annual budget, which is over $4.4 billion. Cairo is home to the Egyptian army’s military headquarters. The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces is also the President of the Republic.

9. Vietnam


  • Budget: $5.5 billion approx.
  • Active Personnel: 470,000
  • Tanks: 1829 approx.
  • Military Aircraft: 223 approx.
  • Submarines: 8 (as of 2021)
  • Military Helicopters: 129 approx.

The armed forces of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam are known as the People’s Army of Vietnam (Vietnamese People’s Army, or VPA). Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Border Guard, Coast Guard, Cyberspace Operations, and Mausoleum Defense Force are all included in the PAVN, which is a division of the Vietnam People’s Armed Forces. Vietnam does not, however, have a distinct ground force or army component.

Vietnam has one of the largest armies in the world, with a total of 5,000,000 reserve members and 470,000 soldiers in the active military. Vietnam’s army is also a powerful one that is strengthened by requiring all male citizens to serve in the military. With a $5.5 billion defense budget, the Vietnamese military is supported. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s flag, with the words Quyt Thng added to the yellow on the top left, serves as the PAVN’s military flag. Moreover, the People’s Army of Vietnam is ranked as the ninth-largest army among the top ten largest armies in the world 2023.

8. South Korea

South Korea

  • Budget: $45.5 billion approx.
  • Active Personnel: 555,000
  • Tanks: 2331 approx.
  • Military Aircraft: 1602 approx.
  • Submarines: 18 (as of 2021)
  • Military Helicopters: 739 approx.

The armed forces of South Korea are referred to as the Republic of Korea Armed Forces or simply the ROK Armed Forces. Moreover, the army of South Korea has the tenth-largest budget in the world. The sixth-most potent army in the world is the ROK Military Forces.

Moreover, the Republic of Korean Armed Forces is the eighth-largest army among the top ten largest armies in the world 2023. In an effort to develop a strong military, the nation requires all male citizens to serve in the military. The South Korean Army is based in Seoul and is supported by a defense budget of around $46 billion.

7. Iran


  • Budget: $17.4 billion approx.
  • Active Personnel: 575,000
  • Tanks: 4071 approx.
  • Military Aircraft: 541 approx.
  • Submarines: 29 (as of 2021)
  • Military Helicopters: 126 approx.

Iran has 575,000 active military personnel, 350,000 reserve military people, and 90,000 paramilitary personnel. In terms of active soldiers, the Iranian Armed Forces are the largest in the Middle East. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s military is the seventh-largest army among the top ten largest armies in the world 2023.

Regardless of the size of its armed force, the Iranian Army has one of the strongest militaries supported by a $17.4 billion military budget. The Iranian Army’s military headquarters are located in Tehran, and it is charged with the duty of defending the Iranian state from external and internal assaults. The Iranian regime is betting on helping other parties in the nations nearby whose acts draw attention to their country in addition to its powerful army.

6. Pakistan


  • Budget: $10.3 billion approx.
  • Active Personnel: 654,000
  • Tanks: 3742 approx.
  • Military Aircraft: 1413 approx.
  • Submarines: 8 (as of 2021)
  • Military Helicopters: 322 approx.

The Pakistani Armed Forces, which rank sixth in the world in terms of the number of active military personnel, are made up of the Army, Navy, and Air Force, three fully uniformed services, as well as paramilitary groups like the National Guard and Citizen Armed Forces. Pakistan is the most powerful Islamic nation in the world, making it obvious that Pakistan should be included on the list of countries with the biggest military. This is the largest army in an Islamic nation in the entire globe. The Pakistan Army, which has a defense budget of $10 billion, is charged with maintaining peace and unity inside the country. The Pakistan Army’s military headquarters are at Rawalpindi. The Strategic Planning Division Force is a significant part of the structure of the armed forces.

It is in charge of safeguarding the assets and reserves of strategic and tactical nuclear weapons in Pakistan. In addition, the Chiefs of the Army, Navy, and Air Force are arranged in the chain of command of the Pakistani Armed Forces under the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. Also, under the direction of the Joint Branch Headquarters, all branches are routinely coordinated throughout joint operations and missions. Pakistan, which is allied with China, has improved its military capabilities to stave off its competitor, India. But, the army also has a horrible record of meddling in politics and toppling legitimately elected officials.

5. Russia


  • Budget: $65.1 billion approx.
  • Active Personnel: 830,900
  • Tanks: 12566 approx.
  • Military Aircraft: 4182 approx.
  • Submarines: 64 (as of 2021)
  • Military Helicopters: 1531 approx.

The Russian Federation’s military forces are referred to as the Military Forces of the Russian Federation or simply the Russian Armed Forces. Ground Forces, Navy, and Aerospace Forces are separated from them. Strategic Missile Troops and Airborne Troops are two additional autonomous weapons available to the service. Russia is known for having one of the largest defense expenditures ($154 billion) as well as powerful nuclear weaponry. The duty of defending the Russian state falls on the Russian military headquarters, which is located in Moscow.

The Russian Armed Forces are also one of the biggest armies in the world. The military, which had almost a million active duty members as of 2021, is the fifth largest among the top ten armies in the world 2023. There are also more than 2.5 million reservoirs, bringing the total amount to as many as 20 million. Every male citizen between the ages of 18 and 30 must be recruited for a year of duty in the military. The second-strongest military in the world is the Russian Military Forces.

4. North Korea

North Korea

  • Budget: $1.6 billion approx.
  • Active Personnel: 1,200,000
  • Tanks: 6645 approx.
  • Military Aircraft: 947 approx.
  • Submarines: 36 (as of 2021)
  • Military Helicopters: 205 approx.

North Korea has the fourth-largest army among the top ten largest armies in the world 2023, with 1,200,000 men in the active force and 6,300,000 in the reserves. Due to the conflict with South Korea, a sizable army was quickly assembled. Yet, despite having a meager $7.5 billion defense budget, the nation’s military cannot be understated due to the presence of nuclear weapons in their artillery. Pyongyang serves as the home of North Korea’s military command.

The military force of North Korea and the armed branch of the Workers’ Party of Korea is known as the Korean People’s Army. It serves as the main institution in North Korean society under the Songun policy. The Central Military Commission’s Chairman and Supreme Commander is Kim Jong-un. Ground Force, Navy Force, Air and Anti-Air Force, Strategic Rocket Forces, and Special Operation Force are the five branches that make up the KPA. The KPA also views the Military Forces of Korea and the Republic of Korea of the United States as part of the demilitarized zone in Korea.

3. United States

United States

  • Budget: $738 billion approx.
  • Active Personnel: 1,390,000
  • Tanks: 5500 approx.
  • Military Aircraft: 13300 approx.
  • Submarines: 68 (as of 2021)
  • Military Helicopters: 5584 approx.

The United States Armed Forces are the name given to the country’s military forces. The Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard are all included in this. As the head of the armed forces, the president of the United States collaborates with the defense and Homeland Security departments to develop military strategies. All six of the military services are included in the eight uniformed services of the United States.

The duty of maintaining the security and defense of the nation falls on the US Army, which has its headquarters in Virginia. In the US, there are 1,390,000 frontline soldiers who are actively serving. The nation also boasts the most aircraft (13300), tanks (5500), military helicopters (5584), and submarines (72), all in the globe. The world’s largest army, however, is equipped with the most advanced and potent weapons. The USA also has the biggest military base and one of the biggest defense budgets in the entire globe.

2. India


  • Budget: $67 billion approx.
  • Active Personnel: 1,450,000
  • Tanks: 4614 approx.
  • Military Aircraft: 2210 approx.
  • Submarines: 17 (as of 2021)
  • Military Helicopters: 807 approx.

The Indian Armed Forces are the official name of the armed forces of the Republic of India. It comprises three professional uniformed forces: the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. Moreover, the Ministry of Defense (MoD), Government of India, is in charge of the Indian Armed Forces. It is the second-largest army in the list of top ten largest armies in the world 2023 with a strength of about 1.4 million active men.

The nation has access to nuclear weapons, greatly enhancing its military might. India has 1.45 million soldiers on the ground, 4,614 battle tanks, 35 battleships, 14 nuclear submarines, 2210 aircraft, 807 military helicopters, and 150 nuclear weapons in total. Despite having a considerably smaller budget than some of its competitors, India possesses an army that deserves admiration. You don’t want to mess with India since it has a large army and nuclear weapons that it uses to deter its powerful neighbors (China, Russia, and Pakistan).

1. China


  • Budget: $209.4 billion approx.
  • Active Personnel: 2,000,000 approx.
  • Tanks: 4950 approx.
  • Military Aircraft: 3284 approx.
  • Submarines: 79 (as of 2021)
  • Military Helicopters: 913 approx.

With 2,000,000 active army members, 510,000 reserve personnel, and 624,000 paramilitary officers, China has the largest army in the world. The People’s Republic of China has a sizable population, which is said to be the cause of this high number. The nation has also 4950 tanks, 3284 military aircraft, 79 submarines, and 913 military helicopters.

The People’s Republic of China’s army is charged with protecting the country’s independence, domestic security, and territorial integrity. The armed wing of the Communist Party of China is known as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Rocket Force, and Strategic Support Force are the five main service branches of the PLA. Depending on their location, the majority of military forces across the nation are assigned to one of five theatre commands.

Yet, certain nations have more militaries than others, and these nations have been grouped into a majority of 10 countries. There is no pattern, and there is no set amount of men who are enlisted in an army. It should be noted that most nations place a greater emphasis on the use of weapons and the upkeep of their armies, while a few just keep their forces on standby to engage in combat when necessary.

The nations with the top ten largest armies in the world 2023 not only have a sizable army, but they also treat their soldiers well and know how to keep them in service until the very end. As a result, most nations have designated days as public holidays to honor the memory of heroes, particularly those who have died while defending their nation and ensuring that everything runs smoothly no matter what. These nations recognize that the men who stand guard during battle are the ones who deserve to be honored daily.


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