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Top Ten Largest Airlines In The World 2023

This article discusses the top ten largest airlines in the world in 2023. No other invention has brought the world closer together than the plane, with the possible exception of the internet. Airplanes are currently the only means of transportation that can get you from A to B faster and safely. With the aid of airplanes, you may circle the globe in no more than a single day. Tens of millions of passengers are securely transported by the largest airlines to their intended locations.

Airlines suffered in 2021 as a result of the Covid epidemic since fewer people traveled on average. Nonetheless, it is anticipated that in 2023, global civilian aviation levels would return to their pre-pandemic levels. The fact that the global air travel business is still doing well overall is not surprising. The multi-billion-dollar market is now one of the biggest ones available. Also, it’s one of the most competitive. The Top Ten Largest Airlines in the World 2023 are:

10. Air France

Air France

  • Revenue: $7.1 billion approx.
  • Founded In: 1933
  • Based In: Tremblay-en-France, Ile-de-France, France
  • Owned By: Air France-KLM S.A.
  • Alliance: SkyTeam
  • Number Of Yearly Passengers: ~ 25 million
  • Number Of Countries Served: 93

The next major airline in the world, Air France-KLM, transports millions of passengers annually. It has $30 billion worth of assets. Additionally, it is managed by a group of around 86,000 workers. In addition to this, it is astounding that Air France-KLM Airlines has access to more than 300 locations. According to reviews of Air France KLM Airlines, this demonstrates its extensive connectivity and also the reason why customers favor it for the majority of their trip plans. The airline is also renowned for its policies. The baggage policy of Air France KLM offers a lot of flexibility. The same is true of the policies governing check-in, flight changes, and other matters. Air France operates 1,500 flights per day throughout France, Europe, and the rest of the world. The merger of Air France and KLM created one of the top European air transport corporations in 2004. Customers of the Air France-KLM Group have access to a network that spans 312 locations in 116 nations.

9. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

  • Revenue: $16.96 billion approx.
  • Founded In: 1933
  • Based In: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Owned By: The Turkish government
  • Alliance: Star Alliance
  • Number Of Yearly Passengers: ~ 45 million
  • Number Of Countries Served: 124

Turkish Airlines completed 42,713 departures in total. The national airline of Turkey, this company offers service to around 331 locations throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. More than any other airline in the world, Turkish Airlines offers service to the greatest number of locations from a single airport. This carrier has a 374-vehicle fleet and a workforce of over 37,670 workers. Turkish Airlines flies to 124 different nations on six different continents, carrying around 62,800,000 people annually. It is the world’s biggest airline in terms of passenger destinations.

This airline, a division of the Ministry of National Defense, was established in 1933 and now operates a fleet of two 5-seaters, two 4-seaters, and one 10-seater aircraft. Then, it was changed to operate as a domestic carrier. The airline started to fly all over the world after 1945. This airline is expanding in reference to both the other components and those aspects alone. It now includes additional features in addition to the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines currently holds the top rank in the globe thanks to these efforts, which have led to a steady increase in the number of flight destinations. Also, by including a luggage policy, Turkish Airlines has given passengers extra reasons to choose the airline. As a result, customers may easily plan lengthy excursions with the carrier and bring whatever luggage they need.

8. Easyjet


  • Revenue: $1.7 billion approx.
  • Founded In: 1995
  • Based In: Luton, England, UK
  • Owned By: Stelios Haji-Ioannou
  • Alliance: Star Alliance
  • Number Of Yearly Passengers: ~ 69.7 million
  • Number Of Countries Served: 34

According to statistics posted on OAG, Easyjet was the eighth-largest airline among the top ten largest airlines in the world 2023 after flying 50,665 flight services. Easyjet is a British international airline corporation that specializes in low-cost aircraft services, with its headquarters located near London Luton Airport. A British Cypriot businessman created it 24 years ago. Many EasyJet flight cancellations may occur at the airline each year. Regarding its annual passenger capacity, this airline transports close to 73,100,000 passengers. This airline offers service to over 30 countries and almost 1,000 locations worldwide. The fleet size of the company is 324, and 13,000 employees work for its numerous operations.

7. China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines

  • Revenue: $10.8 billion approx.
  • Founded In: 1988
  • Based In: Shanghai, China
  • Owned By: China Eastern Air Holding Company
  • Alliance: SkyTeam
  • Number Of Yearly Passengers: ~ 90 million
  • Number Of Countries Served: 41

China Eastern Airlines, the seventh-largest airline in the world, conducted 54,186 flight services. This airline is China’s second-largest after China Southern Airlines. Shanghai-based China East Airlines is well-known for transporting large numbers of passengers. Each year, this airline flies about 80,900,000 passengers. According to China Eastern Airlines’ baggage policy, these passengers are permitted to bring a significant amount of luggage.

The carrier’s sole focus is on serving East Asian nations. Yet it now travels to 248 domestic, foreign, and regional locations. This largest airline in the world now lists increasing domestic air travel between Shanghai and other significant Chinese cities as one of its stated objectives. Almost 80,000 employees have been employed by the corporation throughout all of its operations. The majority of the 577 aircraft in China Eastern Airlines’ fleet are Airbus and Boeing, models. The core of this company’s regular fleet is an Airbus A320-200, which is primarily utilized for internal trips.

6. China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines

  • Revenue: $16.6 billion approx.
  • Founded In: 1988
  • Based In: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
  • Owned By: China Southern Air Holding Company
  • Alliance: None
  • Number Of Yearly Passengers: ~ 110 million
  • Number Of Countries Served: 40

China Southern Airlines, the sixth-largest airline among the top ten largest airlines in the world 2023, performed 60,337 flight services. This airline, one of the newest on our list, flies 84,900,000 passengers annually. The firm, which operates China’s largest airline network, is based in Guangdong Province’s Baiyun District.

This airline is the sixth largest in the world in terms of passengers carried and the biggest in Asia in terms of revenue, fleet size, and passenger volume. The carrier has a 642-flight fleet that has traveled to about 216 locations. In addition to all of these things, it is known to operate about 2000 flights per day. Almost 100,000 employees have been employed by the company. The number of bags and items that were successfully transported from one place to another is indicated by the data collected through China Southern Airlines’ baggage policy.

5. Ryanair


  • Revenue: $6.4 billion approx.
  • Founded In: 1984
  • Based In: Dublin, Ireland
  • Owned By: Ryanair Holdings plc
  • Alliance: Star Alliance
  • Number Of Yearly Passengers: ~ 14.24 million
  • Number Of Countries Served: 40

Ryanair—the fifth-largest airline in the world—completed 86,961 flight departures. The Irish-based ultra-low-cost carrier predominantly flies out of the Stansted airports in London and Dublin. Regarding the volume of passengers, it transports, this airline is both the largest in Ireland and all of Europe. According to the airline’s baggage policy, Ryanair has a large workforce that takes care of passengers and makes sure their belongings are safe.

Ryanair flies more foreign passengers than any other airline in the world on an average day. The operator may cancel some journeys on its end in accordance with the Ryanair cancellation policy. Even so, flying to various areas is helpful for many people. The airline has a 511-strong fleet and 225 destinations it serves. Over 17,500 individuals have been employed by this carrier.

4. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

  • Revenue: $23.8 billion approx.
  • Founded In: 1967
  • Based In: Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Owned By: Southwest Airlines Co.
  • Alliance: None
  • Number Of Yearly Passengers: ~ 123 million
  • Number Of Countries Served: 11

Southwest Airlines offered 113,876 different flight services. This airline, which is also the largest low-cost carrier in the globe and is regarded as the fourth largest among the top ten largest airlines in the world 2023, is one of the country’s largest operators. The quantity of travelers is astounding, even though some of them may occasionally use Southwest’s cancellation policy. The airline operates a 735-vehicle fleet and averages over 4,000 departures each day. It travels to 121 different locations, and its operations have employed over 55,100 people.

Southwest Airlines offers between 224 and 250 domestic flights every day, to give you a sense of how many it operates. At least once every five minutes, a Southwest jet takes off for these locations. The most amazing feature is its airline fleet, which consists of 750 aircraft that fly annually. In addition to all of these, the airline’s extensive operations are further demonstrated by the availability of and values implied by its policies on flight reservations, luggage allowance, flight changes, and other similar matters.

3. United Airlines

United Airlines

  • Revenue: $24.6 billion approx.
  • Founded In: 2010
  • Based In: Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Owned By: United Airlines Holdings, Inc.
  • Alliance: Star Alliance
  • Number Of Yearly Passengers: ~ 105 million
  • Number Of Countries Served: 74

United Airlines, which is ranked as the third-largest airline operator in 2023, completed 127,516 flight services. One of the main US airlines, United, has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Its fleet of 777 aircraft flies 143,200,000 passengers to their final locations each year. This airline operates eight major hubs globally, according to their extra information. With the most flights and passengers, Chicago-O’Hare is the most important hub.

The United Airlines baggage policy demonstrates the airline’s incredible capacity to move a lot of luggage. This airline is skilled at managing passenger flow. Also, it is the most accommodating airline when customers decide not to proceed with their reservations. The development of United Airlines’ cancellation policy demonstrates this. In terms of the number of routes and fleet size, it is now the third-largest airline in the world following its merger with Continental Airlines in 2010. The airline employs more than 84,100 employees across all of its businesses, and its 839-strong fleet of aircraft flies to more than 342 locations.

2. Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines

  • Revenue: $50.5 billion approx.
  • Founded In: 1925
  • Based In: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Owned By: Delta Air Lines, Inc.
  • Alliance: SkyTeam
  • Number Of Yearly Passengers: ~ 125 million
  • Number Of Countries Served: 52

The second-largest airline among the top ten largest airlines in the world 2023, Delta Airlines, has already provided 137,682 flight services. One of the oldest airlines in the world that is still in business is Delta. Along with its regional affiliates, such as Delta Connection, Delta Airlines offers about 5,400 flights per day to more than 325 locations in 52 nations and six continents totaling more than 325 destinations. This airline has a fleet of about 877 airplanes and employed over 83,000 workers.

In addition, as these reports note, Delta has consistently received high customer satisfaction ratings, which is another factor that has contributed to its success. Additionally, regulations like the baggage policy of Delta Airlines are established to ensure consumer pleasure. Even when some passengers occasionally opt not to continue their trips, the airline is committed to expanding. The operator has created the Delta Airlines cancellation policy to better comprehend them in these situations.

1. American Airlines

American Airlines

  • Revenue: $49.9 billion approx.
  • Founded In: 2013
  • Based In: Forth Worth, Texas, USA
  • Owned By: American Airlines Group Inc.
  • Alliance: Oneworld
  • Number Of Yearly Passengers: ~ 165 million
  • Number Of Countries Served: 48

In terms of fleet size, the volume of passengers it carries on a scheduled basis, and revenue per passenger mile, American Airlines is the largest airline in the world. The airline, along with its affiliates and local partners, runs more than 6,800 flights every day to over 350 locations worldwide, distributed across 50 countries. The corporation employed 123,400 people in 2021. With 911 aircraft spanning from Boeing to Airbus and a planned growth of 161 aircraft, American Airlines is the largest commercial airline operator in the world in 2023.

As mentioned in this blog, according to the size of their fleets, Delta, United, Southwest, and other airlines rank as the biggest airlines in the world. To comprehend how big these airlines are, the article detailed the best characteristics of each, from Ryanair to EasyJet. It is anticipated that you will find this blog to be beneficial and that you will now use the information about the top ten largest airlines in the world in 2023 to make your travels more enjoyable.


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